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How do I optimise my Google Ads spend?

With companies spending increasing amounts of their marketing budget on digital channels - and with Google Ads making up a large proportion of this spend - it is vital that you are investing this marketing money efficiently. We have chosen the word investment with thought as often, through the day-to-day complexities of running a business, the purpose of marketing spend gets lost; you are investing money to acquire (and retain) customers, with the aim that the lifetime value created from their spend exceeds the investment.

For nearly all businesses the amount that they have to invest in marketing is constrained. This means that their aim is to invest this marketing money in the most optimal way.

Ultimately this will depend on several factors:

  1. How do I allocate my marketing spend across the different types of customer I can acquire to maximise the lifetime value it creates?

  2. When deploying this how do I ensure the acquisition cost per customer is as efficient it could be?

  3. What insight can I gain from the actions above to adjust these activities?

  4. We call the above the Omnicommerce Execution Cycle and it is the foundation of our approach to optimising the value a business can create. This white paper takes you through our approach and details the tools we have built to help your own execution.

How Do I Optimise My Google Ads Spend
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