Using your store's data to fine-tune performance.

Even the smallest of stores have a level of complexity which will require you to use data to fine-tune your performance. There are many gaps within Shopify's proprietary reporting and whilst this has improved in recent years, it is far from the level that most world-class retailers would be used to.

We have a number of features that makes our analysis stand out, including allocation of discounts to individual items, as well as the use of product weights and other user assumptions to estimate shipping costs.

Our eTail Suite enables you to fine-tune all aspects of your store's performance from best performing products, through to an estimate of the profit you make on every order.




With over 30 reports we have pulled together the most comprehensive collection of Shopify store reports on the market. They cover general analysis, category, brand, product and customer analysis as well as a number of laser guided tasks to help you manage your store's performance to the standard of a much larger business.


To start gaining insight from the Shopify Suite we just need to be granted access to your Shopify Store via a private app key.  Once the above has been arranged we will use an API to connect to your data and you can usually have the insight within 24 hours through our portal.


We know that when every business makes a purchasing decision it needs to weigh up the benefit against the cost. That's why we use your company's turnover as the basis for the monthly  charge for our suite, and therefore are convinced that the insight you receive will easily outweigh the suite costs.


Often businesses are performing Shopify store analysis in an ad hoc manner and using clumsy tools like Excel or constrained BI solutions. With our prebuilt collection of reports there is no effort required within your business. All of the reports will allow you to export the data if you require further analysis.