Using customer data to maximise value

To create value for your stakeholders, the lifetime value of your customers has to exceed the cost that has been invested to acquire them.

There are many attributes that will impact customer lifetime value (CLV):

  • The marketing channel the customer was acquired by

  • The time of year they are acquired

  • Their first purchase price

  • The time over the company’s life they are acquired

  • Geography

Our Customer Suite is a collection of best practice analytical techniques to gain a deeper understanding of the value of cohorts of customer, which will help you improve the allocation of your marketing investments.




With over 25 reports we have pulled together the most comprehensive collection of customer reports on the market. Every report has the ability to filter on cohort month, marketing source and first order value which takes the insight delivered by each report to another level.


To start gaining insight from the customer suite we just need a CSV covering order ID, order date, order value, customer ID, country, and postcode. In addition you need to grant us access to your Google Analytics. Once the above has been arranged you can have the insight within minutes through our portal.


We know that when every business makes a purchasing decision it needs to weigh up the benefit against the cost. That's why we use your company's turnover as the basis for the monthly  charge for our suites, and therefore are convinced that the insight you receive will easily outweigh the suite costs.


Often businesses are performing customer analysis in an ad hoc manner and using clumsy tools like Excel or constrained BI solutions. With our prebuilt collection of reports there is no effort required within your business. All of the reports will allow you to export the data if you require further analysis.