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With decades of retail experience, including many in C suite roles, the team at Omnicommerce have pulled together one the most advanced set of off the shelf insight suites to cover the retail sector. In addition this data can be merged with physical store performance, instantly transforming any retail business overnight.



Although typically smaller in number, the customers of a B2B operation and still often too high in number to track without world class insight. Our B2B customer suite enable you to clearly see the performance of your B2B customers, including concepts such as like for like growth.



With integrations into leisure data systems such as EposNow we are able to give additional view of the performance of most leisure and hospitality businesses. Our clients cover a range of clients including activity centres, hotels and bars.



Given what we do Omnicommerce you would like to think we have this one covered! We have helped a number of subscription businesses better understand the evolution of the customers base, looking at items such as tenure and customer acquisition costs. We also integrate with most of the commonly used CRM tools such as Hubspot, Pipedrive and Salesforce.



This fact growing sector blends a combination or consumer and service and our insight suites can be utilised to give greater visibility over the underlying health of your customer base.



Finally in the world of high transaction Fintechs our use of the Microsoft stack enables our solutions to scale and cope with any transaction volumes associated with the FinTech sector. Often we are able to fertilise this data with concepts honed in the other sectors we operate in delivering a truly differentiated level of insight.


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